Butt Paste


People like to send me absurd things from time to time. I have a reputation for having a deep appreciation for these sorts of things.

This one did not disappoint. A big thanks to Joyce for finding this beautiful example of product naming that tells it exactly like it is. 

Butt paste, my friends, is that gooey stuff that you use to coat your kids behind. Name it what you may, it looks like this item is nothing more than repackaged zinc oxide. My favorite part is the claim that it has a ‘pleasant smell’. Oh great, so in case you want to sniff your babies ass you won’t be offended.

Love the goofy illustration of the baby with the big ears and the goofy look on his face like…

well, like someone just spread a nice thick layer of butt paste on his tush.

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9 responses to “Butt Paste

  1. I’d have bought this instead of regular old zinc oxide or desinex. It’s so much more amusing! (that subject could use all the amusement it can get!)

  2. Dr Jimmy

    You certainly doo have a “deep appreciation” and a “reputation”

  3. joyce

    butt (no pun intended, well, maybe..) who the hell is Boudreaux?
    just goes to show you that you have successfully turned me into the “oooohhhh wait! that’s a good Amy blog picture!!!!!

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  6. i gotta agree! Butt paste is great. I’ve used it since my daughter was born everytime she gets a rash with butt paste it disappears in a day or two but immediately makes her feel better!

  7. Sue

    http://bu.tt/paste – don’t be a mom without it!

    • haha. thanks for stopping by. i am thinking that neither the 17 or 21 year old ‘kids’ in my house would be all that happy if i slathered them with the stuff. but thanks for thinking of us

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