Business Cards for Babies?!

Now I have heard it all. While surfing around the net the other night I came across social printing site that was seriously selling baby business cards. No joke, they had these nauseating affected cute little sayings like, “it was cool to meet you, have your mom call my mom to make a paydate” with the kid’s name and place to write a phone number.

Give me a break here. Is this not bringing things to a whole new level of ‘hey lady you were not the first uterus to every squeak out a puppy before’!

Don’t get me wrong, I mean my husband is a printer and I love any shot to see ink hit paper, but this one made throw up in my mouth a little.

Which got Jana and I to thinking about another concept: dog business cards. I designed a couple here for Mel to hand out around the neighborhood. We are open for suggestions, any other things you would like to see on a dog business card?

mel-card1or for the more humble pooch

mel-card2Seriously, I am thinking I could make some quick cash with these!

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8 responses to “Business Cards for Babies?!

  1. Lindsay

    those cards are hilarious

  2. Hysterical. (okay, back to work now.)

  3. Katie

    I think you got something here…$$’s

  4. Laves

    helloooo….. could you wear corduroy sometime? i’m tired of humping denim.

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  6. J.

    When my niece was, like, five, many, many years ago, we thought about getting her “business cards” because she was oh so social. Ditto her younger brother as soon as he could talk. But babies? Puh lease.

    As for the dog calling card, how about this riff on your second one:

    Mel [Insert Last/Owner’s Name]

    Your butt or mine?

    or some kind of title:

    Mel [Insert Last/Owner’s Name]
    Champion Squirrel Chaser

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