Technological Flu


(no this is not a picture of my desk, but it was tempting)

Today was some day. I am pretty sure all the technology in my office got together while I was in the bathroom or making coffee and plotted against me. First, my email account decided to completely stop sending emails. Oh, it would receive just fine, but not a single message would go out. Luckily I am a lunatic with many email addresses, but this was the main one. Wait, was I being censored or just paranoid? Or both?

Then, of course, the blackberry decided to wig out because I changed the password on the email account in lieu of kicking the CPU (that rarely works).

When I plugged the digital camera into the USB port it opened the scanner software instead of the image download utility. Why? To mess me up of course!

For the last few days my large format printer has had a low ink blinking light on one of its eight color cartridges (does it really need light magenta to print? give me a break with the 8 colors!) Could this have been a signal to the other equipment to start acting up? What? This sounds delusional to you?

Of course today was an insanely busy work day, when else would all of this stuff happen? 

On my bulletin board over my desk sits a quote,

“When the mechanical-technological things in our life break down, it is not a personal attack on us. It is just the nature of the mechanical-material world”

Lovely. I feel much better, thanks. Makes half a lost day seem ok now (not!)


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One response to “Technological Flu

  1. I thought it was just me. My perfectly good computer at home has been going wonky on me lately because I’m in the middle of a huge Christmas project. It keeps spontaneously rebooting itself whenever I’m trying to Save something to a Memory Card.
    Then I came into the office and my computer here is acting wonky too. I’ve had to reboot three times already today. I told my boss that I’ve got some bad mojo going on or something.
    This is all because I’m ADDICTED to this technology. Without it, I’m completely lost.
    **running screaming through the woods** (if we had any woods around here)

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