Ahh… the Mansierre

Just when I was starting to wrack my brain for something to write about my dear nephew sent me a link to this dlisted blog post featuring this baby. 


If only I could read the headline. Anyone out there able to translate that for me? And why do they have such a western looking guy in this photo? (hate his hair BTW).  Gizmodo has a nice comprehensive post up for this with all the photos. Please note that this is a premium product. And it is ‘produce’ by WishRoom. Oops, a little translation issue, dropped that final ‘d’. Wonder if the headline has any typos. Damn, anyone? Translation? PLEASE?

The bro, the mansierre, something to hold ‘moobs’. Today is the first time I heard that term. Why does that make me laugh so much? Oh, right, because I am insane.

Of course this prompted me to go hunting around to find out what competing products were out there. You know, can’t just steal a blog post concept, have to make it my own.

Here is another option, not as slick a pic and honestly, this guy… that face he is making. I find myself wishing this were a video.


The male support vest

I guess I have become the person that people send absurdities to. I will take that role, it works with my personality. I am trying to find my niche. Maybe that is it. The absurdity queen. Call to action, everyone who reads this post, send me the most ridiculous thing you have seen. I will run a poll later on and we can vote on the best one. 

Oooo, maybe there should be a prize…


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10 responses to “Ahh… the Mansierre

  1. Thanks for making me pee in my pants!

    Ilina from Dirt & Noise, Foodie Mama, and Deep South Moms

  2. http://www.whitetrashmom.com/2008/11/tampon-crafts-t.html

    Yes, it’s another quite tasteful craft idea for the holidays! Make this for your Thanksgiving dinner with the family, LOL!

  3. funny stuff – the perfect holiday gift don’t you think?

  4. I’ve seen men who NEED this sort of undergarment. Thanks for the smiles!

  5. OMG that is hilarious!

    I got a real bona fide press release for butt lifting underwear for men this week.

    Here’s the link:


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  10. Jose


    That started from a client’s single word.

    “¿Why aren’t there any MEN’S BRA?”

    Why’s that?… because they aren’t necessary…?

    But… People who think “I want one” say it is NECESSARY.*

    *Literal translation would be:
    But… People who say they think “I want” say it is NECESSARY.

    OH. MY. GOD. With the translation it’s even funnier. xD
    I mean… BWAHAHAHAHA.


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