Can we talk about hairy backs?

This one struck me. I suppose it is because as a woman I spend all sorts of time and money getting rid of hair. So it kind of pisses me off that guys can walk around with this kind of natural sweater and it can be ok. 

Or maybe not.

I always think of the waxing scene in 40-year-old-Virgin when I see a back like this.

Isn’t fashion kind of ridiculous. Maybe in another era hairy woman will be in style. Then what will happen to everyone who lasered off all those personal places. Where did I read that it was not recommended to laser your ‘bikini’ area clean as the aging process was not kind to ‘those parts’ and it looks better with a little hair on it when you get older? 

Wait, did I dream that? No, I don’t think so. I remember reading it and laughing my not so hairy ass off about it. (I know Jana, EW, MOM!)

Ok, so maybe it was a hard day week month season and I needed to be ridiculous tonight. Admit that I made you laugh.

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14 responses to “Can we talk about hairy backs?

  1. Ellen


  2. Yes, you made me laugh! I wonder the same about those hairy backs. (I Nair my hub’s – can’t stand it. I know TMI)

    Re: bikini laser and aging process? I just don’t think I can think about that today. Yikes.

  3. Ell

    At least he had the accompanying body jewelry!!! Otherwise, the look would be incomplete!

  4. Yuck. Used to shave the ex’s. Next guy – no hairy back.

  5. judy

    i can tell you all you want to know about aging private parts–and i definitely recommend some coverage!!!!!

  6. haha. judy, very proud of your ability to comment. who says you are not cyber-savvy?

    everyone, judy should know, she is an ob-gyn!

  7. Pippo

    Hairy back is the most beautiful thing God created

  8. Jerry

    I would spend a lot of money to have my back hair covered

  9. Frank

    I would meet him and put my hand on his hairy back

  10. Frank

    I love hairy backs. God bless hairy men.

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