Was this just about putting any skirt in the seat?

I will be shamelessly self-promoting my new photo blog, leaving the zip code, here from now on. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Let’s see if some of you will take the ‘submit’ challenge. And today you can read me at Mid-Century Modern Moms as well.

Perhaps this is an appropriate Time to Cry Tuesday post (late and confused from the holiday weekend).

Not one to get into the political fray all that often, I could not help but do a short post about the Sarah Palin choice. I am saddened by what I think is an insult not only to the women of this country, but the people of this country. I started this post hours after the announcement was made but was hesitant to continue. Now that the theatre of the absurd has unfolded it just can’t go unmentioned here. (with my sarcastic twist, of course). This does not contain any new, groundbreaking commentary, but it may make you laugh (a little) while you cry.

I am not claiming to know much about her (scary detail #1) but I certainly do not feel all warm and fuzzy about her being one heartbeat away from the presidency (scary detail #2). What really freaks me out is that McCain would think he could capture 18 million Hillary supporters with a pro-lifer (scary detail # 3,4 and 5).

Another great quality I want in my VP: card carrying member of the NRA.

Oh, and now the pregnant teenage daughter. His people KNEW about this and were still ok?!! Wow, talk about securing those family values votes. This is like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch! What next…Yeh, well we knew she killed a man, but she is still under investigation so we thought it was cool.

Of course you knew this was coming:


So, my brother and I were talking the other day and I told him I had a very strange feeling that perhaps Sarah Palin was, in fact, Dick Cheney with a sex change. His answer? Can’t be, she has not shot anyone in the face yet.

To sum it all, this quote says it all for me:

A woman voting for John McCain is a like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

– Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood

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6 responses to “Was this just about putting any skirt in the seat?

  1. ame i.

    I’m sure she has only killed in self-defense and for food 😉
    You are right, as usual. I don’t know if I should like you or read your blog. I’ll decide after I read another 100 posts or so. :0
    Great post.

  2. Well, you’ve said it all so I don’t have to. Needless to say, I’ve got a A LOT to say about this. Let’s meet for drinks in Philly, shall we?

  3. joyce

    If you only base your vote on her experience well then go right ahead, she has NONE!!! I looked up Alaska to get some info on the state, just to see who lives there, how many people live there the demographic of the population there, and guess what? Theres something like 1 person for every mile and a half of land!!!! There are 3000 Jews in the whole state, we have more in our ZIP code ( this is a shameless plug for amy’s new blog!) And for the African American community? well, dont even go there. there are only 638,000 people in the whole state! there’s 3 x that in Brooklyn! Experience? not so much. Sure she is mother of five and an excellent multi tasker, I have three kids and am also great at doing a millions things at one time, but it doesnt qualify me to be VP ( on second thought, anyone want to write my name in?) Politics, I dont agree on one single issue. And just how stupid is Sen McCain, to think 18million of us will turn our backs on the Supreme Court rulings, and the God-made-me-do -it stuff. Ugh, and dont get me started on Joe Lieberman…. he makes me sick.They dont even agree on any issues, he’s just trying to get back at the CT dem party for screwing him over. There’s a guy i trust, a VP candidate for the Dems 8 yrs ago at the GOP convention touting McCain for prez. give me a break!
    And now I have to go back to the 4 million things i was doing before being vetted for VP……..(actually i feel a lot better having said my piece, thanks amy!)

  4. Gibs

    Never underestimate the ignorance of the electorate. She was a better ‘strategic’ pick than anything else McCain could find. He needs votes and she will bring them in – maybe not from educated women (or men) but there are a lot of Mom’s that will look to her as a hero…and it will energize some of the Christian Right who may have just stayed home in November.

    Biden (as a running mate) does little to help or hurt Obama. Sure he might be able to carry Delaware now, but it makes him no more likely to get elected. Palin definitely wins McCain more votes (and will make for some really funny SNL skits) – advantage (sadly) Republicans.

  5. I had NOT heard the Richards quote – HA HA HA HA!


  6. Nothing like a little heated debate. So how many of you out there would like to sit at dinner with Joyce and Gibs. They could certainly be entertaining.

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