Who’s your daddy?

Fox 5 NY ran this story on Monday night. When I googled it I found a hit from WBAL Baltimore from Feb. 2006. Hey Fox, slow news night?

Nonetheless, this is quite a story.

Robert Aberdeen, sperm donor No.B202, donated at least twice a week from 1964 to 1975. It was his part time job (some job, huh? did he get to write off all his porn on his taxes? cool).

When he discovered the Donor Sibling Registry, he posted a message telling his offspring he is willing to be contacted. 

“I’m OK with that. I think it would be neat to hear from them; I have all of these children and they never call. They never send a Father’s Day card,” Aberdeen said.

Seems good old Bobby-boy is honing his parental guilt skills already. 

“It could be thousands; it certainly probably could be hundreds,” Aberdeen hopes for a response “before they put me out to pasture.”

What a stud!

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4 responses to “Who’s your daddy?

  1. Ry

    Now this is a story I’d love to hear the follow up on. Father’s Day cards eh? That’s just…bizarre!

  2. i was wondering if they were going to follow this guy. think i might just set up a google alert for him.

  3. bizzare. sure tests the definition of father.

  4. unsignedmasterpiece

    Very sporting of him. I hope he’s prepared for what happens.

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