an interesting little twist to my new world of blogging. over the past few weeks when something happens people will ask, “oh no, are you going to put me in your blog”. it’s kind of funny. i mean, seriously, it is not like i am writing a column in the NYT. so i guess that replaces the ever famous “this should be a chapter” comment, the difference being that these are seeing the (cyber)light of day. don’t worry my friends, i will be kind. 

i thought i had made up this word until i googled it and found that it is out there and already has many definitions.

i, for one, have always been a big fan of the made up word. yesternight. cyberexlover. transplendent. (any woody allen fans out there?) blogging seems to be a natural for this. being of ‘a certain age’ – to borrow an extremely annoying label from the ridiculous chipped nail article , i am considered tech-savvy amongst my peers. this is no great feat as the bar is set pretty low, but hey, i will take it where i can get it.

so here goes – the first (of many) blog vocab lists. now don’t try stealing these, they are all in a sealed envelope on the way to a copyright attorney as we speak ; ). actually, when i googled them, some already exist as blog names or websites. guess i am not the only one who gets a charge out of making up words. there must be others stuck in the basement, banging the keyboard trying to amuse themselves.

i highly encourage commenting on this sucker. maybe i will run a contest for the best word…

bloganoia: fear of being blogged about

blogalicious: hot & juicy blog; my blogshake brings all the boys to the yard (urban dictionary has a lamer definition)

blogomania: frenzy surrounding the need to blog 

blogophobic: (a no brainer) fear of blogging

blogagoric: fear of blogging outside?

blogcentric: believing yours is the only blog worth reading

pseudoblog: a blog written on paper and scanned in

preblogastoric: mom, tell us about the days before blogging when you had to use a pen and paper

bloggertensive: high blood pressure from reading infuriating blog posts

blognostic: a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in blogs

give me more…

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13 responses to “Bloganoia

  1. Paula

    blognosticator: opposite of a blogophobe – will blather on about anything with a very knowing tone

  2. amyz5

    oh i LOVE that P. nice addition! knew you would love this post.

  3. Neal

    This one just came to me. Hypoblogcemic: becoming light-headed (very easy for me) after reading so many blogs in one sitting.

  4. amyz5

    another good word! perhaps i should publish a dictionary

  5. ellen

    Blogonista: One who is savvy in the art of blogging…perhaps YOU!!!

  6. amyz5

    very nice ellen. far from savvy. more i learn the less i know in this wild west

  7. celebriblog – a wannabee famous blogger

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