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Honeycomb (hold the Earl Grey)

Gary came on today’s walk with Mel and I and check out what he found. Just beneath some rudimentary beekeeping apparatus were all these spent honeycombs. Now, of course if it was not March and in the ’50s you know I would have been writing this post from the ER (allergic, thank you very much… to bees, not honey).

I thought it sort of ironic that he was drawn to this. If you have ever eaten with us you would know that he is a man who loves a big-ass cup of tea (Earl Grey) with honey. He does not ask for much, but this is very important to him. So much so that those who are close to us stock both in their homes for when he visits (like Riki did tonight… thanks for never disappointing).

Hey, there are worse vices. Like tennis, perhaps. (just kidding)

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