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Kick-ass Signage

Kickboxing in rear? Nope, can’t make this stuff up. Did no one notice how funny that sign was going to come out? We saw a handicapped parking spot next to the sign as we drove away. Kind of odd.

This is Rhode Island. The quirkiest state in the country. How I love it there. Oddities are the norm and everyone is ok with that. We always have so much fun when we go there. The sense of place is incredible and hard to explain if you have never visited. 

Here is a state where nothing is more than a half hour away. Beautiful beaches, quaint little villages, boating everywhere, the glamour of Newport and the sophistication of Providence, all within a short drive of one another. And how could you not love the state where Family Guy takes place?

Of course the friends that we visit have an enormous amount to do with why the place is so magical for us. They are social printers and I swear they know every resident in the state. There is not a life cycle event they have not helped announce. Walking down the street with them anywhere in the state you are bound to meet someone they know. Not to mention the fact that they employ some of the most interesting people with the most colorful pasts.

By the end of the weekend they had both become excellent bird dogs for blog post material. Thanks Steven and Donna for a great time and the best blueberry scones in the east.

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