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Mannequin Malfunction

Only in South Beach! For a moment it seemed that this was perhaps a practical joke by a passerby until we thought about it and realized the store probably did this on purpose. I have never seen so many mannequins with over-sized boobs and nipples in my life. I mean nipples? Isn’t the best part of mannequins their vague anatomical construction? (like the male ones with the penis-less bulges) And correct me if I am wrong but does her arm look like it is on wrong?

Coming up Ocean Drive after a magnificent beach path walk and a wonderful breakfast at the News Cafe, this was a sharp reminder of the other side of South Beach. The one that dresses like hookers day and night and everyone is someone in their own mind. Or wardrobe.

I, on the other hand, am no one and every one. And I am happiest on the beach side of Ocean Drive, far enough away from this silliness. Although I am not immune to the humor in it all.

Hey, do you think that suit looks as good with both boobs in?

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Hookers on the Highway

I have always been prone to obsessively photograph things. My son accused me of being ‘snap happy’ this weekend. (what? photographing three string mops against the wall outside the camp dining room is odd to you? You will eat those words when that shot appears here and you love it).

I need to always carry a camera with me because when I don’t, I am disappointed. I think, “What a great shot! Why didn’t I carry a camera?” (or as a producer friend used to say, “Amy, that is not a shot, that is real life”).

My poor husband. We have been on the road every weekend this summer and I am always shouting, “Wait! Stop, I have to get that shot”. That is almost as annoying as the fact that my bladder has a 2 hour shelf-life in the car. All that aside, I really am alot of fun on a road trip.

Back to the photo above. What the hell is this area used for? (Please feel free to speculate in the comments section) “Will everyone riding in the car with a woman they are paying to have sex with please check in at the Escort Area“.

Could this have been a final piece of Spitzer legislation? Ok, cheap shot but it was a great wrap up for this ridiculous post.

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