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What Movie Was That?

The following is a direct transcription of  a story Jana told me today on Blackberry Messenger. 

Jana: OMG, the funniest thing happened this morning!

Me: What?

Jana: This morning someone said to Hannah ” your presentation is today. Are you nervous?” And Hannah goes, “nervous?”

So I am sitting there for a second thinking and I start laughing and everyone’s like what are you laughing at?

I was trying to think of what movie that was from where the person repeated the last word of the question someone asked them and then I’m like, “Oh wait, that’s not a movie, that’s my parents!” (we need to work on the *like* thing)


Me: Hahahaha (seriously I could not stop laughing because that is SO us! Guess which one I am?)

Jana: Everyone thought it was so funny.

Me: May need to use this as a blog post.

Jana: I approve.

And there you have it kids. The joys of living in my house.

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