The Funeral Director and the 3D Printing Biz


This headline is just too good to be true, right?

A Yorktown, NY funeral director has decided to venture down the path of a new revenue stream. He has started a business called Mini 3D ME, creating 3-D figures of people. These are incredible. The detail is really astounding. I would imagine he is going to take the business far. The possibilities are endless… wedding cake topper, trophies, grandparent gifts, sports licensing, celebrities, corporate applications. The franchise opps will be incredible.

Ok, lovefest aside, this guy is a funeral director. Anyone see the humor in this?

“You are creating mini-identical replicas of people,” he states. Anyone who has had the misfortune of sitting at that awful conference table at a funeral parlor with warped family members and an uncontrollable  sense of dark nervous humor can see how the addition of one more friggin’ option like this might just be the last straw. Being one that gets the giggles at inappropriate times, the idea of the funeral director pulling out grandma and grandpa under glass, immortalized in resin to, as he put it, ‘freeze time and create lifelong memories’… well you can see what I mean.


Actually, I think it’s brilliant. I wish him well. And truthfully, sort of interested in opening a store myself. Again, another business that is in dire need of a good graphic designer. Perhaps I should start soliciting these people for work.


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2 responses to “The Funeral Director and the 3D Printing Biz

  1. Hi! This is Billy La Pierre himself…thank you for writing my first review. I decided to start this new business because I would like to bring a positive influence to the local Yorktown community. Mini 3D ME is actually completely separate from my funeral home business, one has nothing to do with the other. The goal of Mini 3D ME is to “Freeze Time & Create Lifelong” memories, unfortunately we all can’t stay a certain age forever, so why not have a forever keepsake of a certain time period or moment we cherish? If you’re interested I would love to show you our printer and figurines, come on by!

    • Hey Billy. Great social media monitoring. Actually would love to take a trip up to check these out. I have friends near by, I will give you a shout and let you know when I am coming. As fort he separate businesses, I figured that. But the story angle was too good to pass up. I hope you saw the humor in it. Thanks for stopping by.

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