Hey Bub, can you lend me some support?

This beauty is wedged in the window of a local pharmacy that just happens to be next to a bar. Two vodkas to the wind and I spot this baby as we are saying goodbye to our friends. By some freak of forgetfulness I did not have a phone or a camera. A big thanks to Joyce for lending me hers.

So let’s take a look at this in detail. Well, why not, we did just that standing outside the bar last night. Might as well share. First, that is one pretty generous sized supporter on top, wouldn’t you say. Has sort of a diaper-like quality to it.

Our favorite parts:

1. Well, “Bub” of course.

2. Will outlast 2 low price supporters. Which 3? Does not commit

3. Will outlaunder (is that a word?) any 3 low priced supporters.

4. Genuine surgical elastic. Because, you know, you need to cradle the boys in something sterile.

5. The NAME: Duribilknit. How would you pronounce that?

I am thinking this place may want to consider updating their window. You know, like once every 50 years or so. I want to go in and tell them they might want to consider it. And of course let them know I can take this baby off their hands. Don’t you think it would look great in a shadow box frame in the new office?

Just saying.




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4 responses to “Hey Bub, can you lend me some support?

  1. Does it say, “Air Cooled”? Does that mean that you don’t wear anything over these?

  2. Laurie

    2 questions…
    do you fill your prescriptions here?
    Have you ever met the owner? Maybe he is a magnet for the absurd too!


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