Write Drunk

I found this on Pinterest today. I love the idea.

Notes to self:

1. do not reverse order

2. do not do this with client work

3. this works great for ‘piece of my mind’ emails (double note to self on this one: don’t put the recipient’s email address in until sober to avoid accidental sending)

4. do not advise your children to do this

5. do not advise your copywriters to do this

6. do not advise your mom bloggers on a childrens’ brand to do this (cough, cough, you know who you are)

7. this could work for design as well but step away from complicated photoshop tasks

8. do not, under any circumstances, vomit on the keyboard (way too hard to clean)

9. do not admit that have done this

10. use spell check


Filed under humor, work habits

5 responses to “Write Drunk

  1. So fuuny. Not that I can relate. Much.

  2. What fantastic advice! Is there an option to “write drunk; get someone else who’s sober to edit”?

  3. Ivy Mindlin

    great graphic

  4. Ahya

    lol funny graphic and funny post. though Im not a drinker myself, humor is always good for the heart. 🙂

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