Mall Fail

Ahhh… the zebra head hoodie; no wardrobe is complete without one.

What the hell? Who is responsible for this design? And who approved it? And who, on this planet would find themselves needing to own this?

Where do you wear such a thing? Trip to the zoo? East Village? Zebratown? (that’s a neighborhood, isn’t it?)

I know, way too many questions. (great, now someone is definitely going to buy me one of these as a gag gift, right?)


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7 responses to “Mall Fail

  1. Lynn

    I already did. Need your address.

  2. Ivy Mindlin

    Are you kidding, my kids would love this. Does it come in other animals?

  3. J.

    What Ivy wrote. My 13-year-old would love that zebra hoodie; me too. Where can we get?

  4. Haha, silly me. J, that picture came from Roosevelt Field Mall, not sure which store. Maybe PacSun.

  5. Deborah the Closet Monster

    This may be a mall fail, but it’s a heckuva post win! *giggle*

  6. GZZZzzz

    perfect outfit for a Santigold concert

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