Like a Hole in the Head

Have you ever thought about that expression? I need that like a hole in the head. A little violent, no? That is sort of like when I was little and said I was bored and my father’s two favorite lines were , ‘Then, go play in traffic’ and the ever famous child-rearing spark of genius, ‘Then, go bang your head against the wall.’

This awning sits atop a carpet store not far from where I live. I pass it often and never really processed it. I suppose it was simply part of the passing visual color outside my window. On Saturday we pulled into the parking lot for something else and of course I had to take this picture.

What do you think this guy was thinking? Catchy I suppose. But really a bit creepy. If I am not mistaken, there is a guns and ammunition store not far from here. Installing this awning on the wrong store could have been very unfortunate.

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