Elmo and The Rapture 2011

Well folks, May 22, 2011 and we are still all here. Guess that end of the world thing did not work out all that well. Sorry to all of you who spent all your money, told your boss to F off or blew off doing your homework. Looks like you will have some explaining to do.

I don’t know if this was some sort of sign, but today at a local shopping area I came upon this little lost Elmo. All I could think about were the poor parents whose kid dropped this. My son, on the other hand said, “Hey that looks like a Elmo Jesus.” Of course I stopped to take the picture and send it to my daughter who texted back, “I thought it was an Elmo Jesus.”

Seriously, sometimes I think these two kids are the same person!

Could this be some sort of Muppet dogma? Is the world not coming to an end but now we will be forced to worship Snuffleupagus till the end of our days?

Is this post more absurd than my usual ones?


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6 responses to “Elmo and The Rapture 2011

  1. at least i like snuffleupagus lol!!

  2. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I was actually thinking this post qualifies as categorizable under another “a” word: awesomesauce (unadulterated). 😀

  3. J.

    I’m thinking bumper stickers with that picture and the caption WWED?

    Also, have you seen this yet?

  4. Love the Elmo. Maybe we’re just all in another dimension and Harold Camping was right. I’ve lost a few more words today. Maybe I left them behind in the rapture of the moment.

  5. amy

    Cookie Monster would have been awesome! Unbridled IEgo! Yay!

    I would know which direction I was sent if I had to worship Snuffy. I can’t describe how frustrating I found the whole Snuff-Big Bird thing-when he walked off before anyone else showed up it used to send me into convulsions. I know the CTW people figured that out eventually, but by then, I was in Junior High and it was too late for me.

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