Expiration dates

Is it bad that I had a 5-pack of zinc oxide in my closet with an expiration date of 1997? Oh, how I wish i was making this up.

You see, here’s the thing; It’s not like I have not cleaned that closet out in the past 13 years, it would simply appear that I do more organizing than actual cleaning. You might wonder why I would have a 5-pack of zinc oxide back in mid-90s. Well, do the math. Young Danny had his butt in a diaper in the early 90s, so I would imagine it took quite a few years for that stuff to expire. And my neighbor was a pharmacist… hence the 5-pack.

Being the weekend before Thanksgiving I have been obsessively nesting. Since my nephew – the expiration date Nazi – will be visiting, I kept going on the hunt for expired items in the kitchen and garage pantries.

Here is a brief list of the worst items I have found with their expiration dates: walnuts/2006, canned pineapple/2003, pumpkin pie mix/2005, assorted pudding mixes/2007-2009… should I go on? I think you get the idea.

Maybe I should put a challenge out there. Anyone able to beat the zinc oxide from 1997?


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5 responses to “Expiration dates

  1. i wish things would last long enough in my house like that, i never have to worry about that sort of thing cause it always gets used up faster than i can mange to buy it.

    • the good stuff gets used up pretty quickly. or at least it did when the kids lived home. but things like walnuts? i found around 5 opened bags of them squirreled away. not something we use often, i must buy them every thanksgiving for the cranberry sauce!

  2. Nancy

    Yep I can I was given a box of no bake pudding for a pie expiration date was 1987

  3. judy maiman

    i’ve got stuff so old it was BEFORE they put expiration dates on it!! i have a tube of balmex from at least 1989 (it was for richie) and a jar of vaseline i keep for sentimental reasons (no comment–it’s just a jar they don’t make anymore!) from the 70’s, i think. plus last time richie was home we found a bottle of L’oreal strawberry kids hair gel–i think circa 1992…….

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