Must you grab that thang

We were out for ice cream after dinner on Saturday night. Sitting at a table chatting I noticed a rather large man doing the ole crotch tug. Ok, I thought, he needed a little adjustment and forgot that he was in public.

Then he did it again.

So, of course I mentioned it to my husband and friends. And no sooner had I mentioned it then…

yep, one more tug for good luck.

Perhaps he had an infection. Or maybe some sort of a tick. Or maybe, just maybe, he did not give a crap whether anyone saw him, he simply liked to tug on his dick every few minutes. Hey, doesn’t make him a bad person, right?

Of course everyone had to watch him and sure enough he did it again. Quite a guy, perhaps his knickname was Tugger. For good reason.

Amused as I was, I forgot about him until I was driving through a neighboring town on Sunday and who should I see walking down the street? Of course, Mister Grab-a-lot. I am happy to report in the few minutes that I saw him on the street he had his hands free and clear of his dick.

Perhaps it is just a Saturday night sort of thang.

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