9/11: From Horror Comes Hope

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

This year instead of looking back on the horror that was, let’s look forward to the thriving neighborhood that will be. Don’t read that wrong. I am a firm believer in never forgetting. This is a solemn day that deserves respect and reverence. But I believe there is always a place for hope.

In case you missed this NYT article, here are the plans for what will be a completely new piece of New York. One that will both remember what we have lost and give hope for what we will gain.

In this time of insanity surrounding the protest of the building of religious institutions and the burning of sacred texts, is it not time for us to be the America we have worked so desperately to defend and preserve?

Enough hatred.

Please feel free to remember anyone you have lost or hope you may have for the future, but do not feel free to preach hatred in these comments.


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4 responses to “9/11: From Horror Comes Hope

  1. John

    I respect the people who died and their family, they’ve had a very hard time these 9 years. But Israel gets bombed on a daily basis, and America has only been attacked 3 times: 1812, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11. We should reflect on our luck that we have never been left in ruin. When I see the aftermath of the collapse with the debris in the streets, I can only think of what the streets of Warsaw looked like after Germany invaded Poland. And when we talk about 3000 lives lost, I can only think of the millions of lives lost in the Holocaust. When people say worst thing to ever happen, I can only think about the atomic bombs we dropped on Japan. And that’s just modern events. Think of all the terrible tragedies of yesteryear. Yet Americans seem to have forgotten about all that.

    • John, I don’t think that being attacked ‘only 3 times’ should be diminished by comparing it the events you sited. If you believe we were not left in ruin you surely did not see the streets of downtown manhattan 9 years ago as I did.

      I would like you to try to understand that the effects of one horrific event are not diminished by comparing to even more devastating ones. Let’s not quantify.

      Again, this is a post about trying to breed a spirit of hope.

  2. Bonnie Brockett

    perfectly said. frankly I am so distressed & tired of hearing about this so called Pastor Guy who is creating more pain. I feel the media should not give him anymore coverage. unspeakable behavior. This is not the time for stupid controversy. It is another anniversary to pay respect to all the lives that were taken and pray for the loved ones left behind. God bless the USA.

  3. This is a day for remembrance and healing for those who lost loved ones.Lets discuss everything else on another day .GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OR FREEDOM

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