Good Humor Gone Bad

Ice cream fail? Nothing sadder than a broken down ice cream truck. Love this vintage Good Humor truck, so sorry it was not all that happy with the heat.

I am tired so I am going to open up the comments and ask what your fave Good Humor ice cream was when you were a kid. Were you a creamsicle kind of guy or was the Chocolate Eclair your thing. Or were you strictly a classic dixie cup kind of dixie chick?

Now that I think about it, isn’t Good Humor simultaneously the most ridiculous and absolutely perfect name for ice cream?

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22 responses to “Good Humor Gone Bad

  1. Chocolate eclairs… and what was the one that had the chocolate candy bar down the middle?

  2. Liz

    Chocolate eclairs. Hands down!

  3. two for two on the eclairs!

  4. Kathy Gottschalck Lipnicki

    I, too, was an eclair kid. I think the original one with the candy center was called a chocolate fudge cake? I was actually famous for a minute in the corridors of my elementary school when I appeared in a Good Humor commercial in 3rd grade. Part of my compensation was a box of whammy sticks that melted on the drive home to LI from filming in NYC 😦

  5. Ellen


    In parlance of the original company, a “Good Humor” was a three-ounce chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bar on a stick.[1] By 1960, the product line had grown to 85 flavors or combinations. Other “Good Humors” included chocolate coated chocolate (a.k.a. chocolate malt) and chocolate coated strawberry, plus bars coated in toasted almond, coconut, chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake and chocolate éclair. Weekly specials came in a wide assortment of flavors including a red, white and blue Good Humor for the 4th of July.[5] Among the specials that did not become popular were Oregon prune and California fig Good Humors. The company even experimented with tomato sherbet.[28]

    In 1965, the company introduced “Super Humors”, initially Chocolate Chip Candy and Chocolate Fudge Cake with a candy center. The next year, all Good Humors became larger Super Humors to justify a price increase. Good Humor also produced a variety of other novelties, including some unique items. The “Humorette” line included an especially popular raspberry sherbet with a peach ice cream center. “Double stixs” featured favor combinations such as raspberry/orange and lemon/lime. In Baltimore/Washington, inexpensive ice pops known as “lollies” were so successful that the company purchased special high capacity salescars for some routes.[7] Today, the product line consists of some of the classic Super Humors and items added in the Popsicle and Klondike acquisitions

  6. I was a “Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream Bar” kind of girl.

  7. Was it called a pushup?
    Or is that my favorite bra?

    HMM can’t remember but leave it to a guy to get bra’s and ice cream confused!!

    Great Blog, glad I found you!!

  8. kathy mankowsky

    My favorite was a fudgecicle…. oh how i loved those… super chocolate flavor and there were two sticks as I recall… how great was that.

    Oh and the push up was fab too. It was kinda red white and blue as I recall… life sure was simpler but.. one had to make choices and chase the guy down the street….. with the change…

    great memories…

  9. Lon

    Toasted Almond and Strawberry Shortcake.
    Then get back to playing in the street.

  10. susan miller

    toasted almond. if they were out– chocolate eclair. sometimes the one with the chocolate bar inside.. and if really wanted to go crazy, strawberry shortcake

  11. Fran

    We used to scream HOLD IT! run in and get a quarter and couldn’t wait for the guy to open the back hatch and see all the smoke come out. Chocolate eclair with the candy bar for me and toasted almond for my sister Remember the carts on the beach, too? Now it’s Mr Ding A-Ling. Not as exciting. Great memories. Thanks Amy.

  12. Your story inspired me to post one of my memories on my blog here…
    Hope it’s ok but I linked to this post.

  13. rare2go

    You might find this story about the Good Humor truck to be interesting:

  14. rare2go

    Love the picture!

    Read my blog about the Good Humor Man:

  15. Ida Fornini

    I wish the chocolate chip candy was still available….BEST ever ice cream hands down….nothing else interests me. My local grocery store just started carrying Good Humor products and I was sooooo disappointed they are gone. Coming from NJ it was a nightly treat and now that childhood memory is gone. So sad

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