Subway Etiquette Posters

Now this is something I wish I had thought of. Kind of like your mother telling you how to behave before you ride the subway. Thanks to The Daily What and a tweet from my idol, @guykawasaki, I found these and just had to share. For all of us who have ridden the NYC subway system for years, this is a breath of fresh air.

From the Daily What:

Jason Shelowitz is presently in the process of posting 400 “Service Changes”-themed Subway Etiquette posters on behalf of the “Metropolitan Etiquette Authority” on trains throughout the city. He encourages subway patrons to keep an eye out for them and take them “before the MTA does.”

Too lazy to click the links? Basic story is that this guy surveyed 100 people about their pet peeves in the subway and created these posters to try to build some awareness and get people to behave better.

Kinda wishing that the guy on the F train in 1982 when I commuted from Forest Hills had read the physical contact one. I am still skeeved out by him. And the religious ranters? Seriously, must I listen to that AND be stuck next to the smelly guy and the not so noise cancelling ipod boy at the same time?

Looking forward to hearing more about these. If any of you spot one please snap a shot and send me the location. Would like to track how this works.

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4 responses to “Subway Etiquette Posters

  1. ruderthanyou

    Summarized: shut up, don’t touch, shut up, and if you’re a filthy menace, go drop dead elsewhere.

  2. Neal Shrier

    Leave it to the MFTA to post SEP’s on behalf of the MEA before they can be removed by the MTA.

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