Lilly Pulitzer Animal Crackers?

I kid you not. This box is not a package comp, this is an actual box that I found at the supermarket down the block. (Uncle Guiseppes for those who live in town).

Lilly Pulitizer Edition animal crackers. Yeh, well I can see why these would be popular. You know, because little kids are heavily into designers. Especially terminally preppy designers.

I would have just taken a picture and not bought the box but they are supporting the WWF (no, not the World Wrestling Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, but yes, it is funny that they have the same initials). And for just this reason I will stop making fun of this project  – showing quite a bit of restraint, I might add. So it appears that Lilly is working with Kraft Foods and Nabisco’s Barnum’s Animal Crackers. In honor of 2010, the Year of the Tiger, Lilly Pulitzer redesigned their box and Nabisco will donate $100,000 to support the WWF worldwide conservation efforts, include tiger conservation. (to learn more visit and Cool!

I told my mother-in-law about this and she asked me if the cookies were all bright colored and plaid. It had never occurred to me but I thought, wow, that would be cool. I opened the box to find that they were just ordinary animal crackers.

And then I proceeded to eat the whole damn box. (thanks Ruthie, for getting me to open it).

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6 responses to “Lilly Pulitzer Animal Crackers?

  1. I really laughed at this. The WWF tie in makes sense with the crackers, I guess, but with the Lily design it seemed funny too!
    Oh my!

  2. J.

    That is just all kinds of awesome. And what’s so funny (well, to me) is that I have a stack of Lilly stuff right behind me, which my Jewish godmother, who lives in Palm Beach, has given my daughter over the years, which I need to put on eBay and have been totally procrastinating about. Clearly your post is a sign from on high telling me to get my Lilly-loving ass in gear — and donate the proceeds to the WWF. Thanks Amy!

  3. Well, clearly some children should not be exposed to Regular animal crackers….duh.

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