Stone Free

Well, a Friday night in the household and one by one we lost the dogs.

And the boys.

Guest dogs have all gone to their respective families, guest boy is off to sleep in his own bed before the SATs tomorrow (good luck Mikey), and our boy is off with his campies.

That leaves me, Mel, Gary and Jimi.

Hendrix of course. Gary brought home the much awaited, newly released Valleys of Neptune and we listened to it a bit in the car on the way to dinner.

Yeh, a chick that loves Hendrix, what can I say?

Oh great, now she is a rock critic? Hey screw off, this is my blog and if I want to indulge in a little rock n roll, I damn well can. Oh sorry, feeling a little testy on a Friday.

Back to the music; it is such a clean sound, the remastering is phenomenal. The technology allows us to hear what we have missed for so long. It makes me both grateful for this new compilation to be released and so very sad that this giant died so young. Jimi could have really changed music. More so than he did in his few short years. He had IT; felt it like no other and could bend sound and minds alike in such a way that it is hard to imagine where he would have gone. And if this is not wonderful enough, our friend gave us a rare CD of acoustic recordings titled, By Himself: The Home Recordings that all you Hendrix fans will be very jealous of (and yes we share). Six tracks including my all time favorite Hendrix song, Angel. It’s like having Jimi hanging out in your living room with just his guitar and his voice. Thanks Alan, best gift ever.

Some things are never destined to go further than they have. The music of Jimi Hendrix sadly falls in that category.

At the risk of sounding like a Time to Cry Tuesday, I will turn this around and share the sheer joy I found with these new releases. It is like having someone special re-enter your life that you never expected to see again. Cool, right?

Now if you will excuse my I have a date with Jimi.

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