When Fit Hits the Shan and other Tales of Daily Living

One of those days. I would not classify it as a bad day, just a day on steroids.

Have you ever taken steroids? Not for athletic enhancement, more for respiratory stuff or maybe anti-inflammatory reasons. I was once on them for 6 weeks with pneumonia and my family threatened to move out. I remember my poor husband reading the side effects and thinking, check, check, check, oh frankly psychotic behavior? Big check!

There is a sense of hyper-vigilant edginess with a dollop of what next? A feeling that you are not sure what is going to be around the next corner and of course whatever it is it will become your problem to solve while your hands are full and you have to go to the bathroom but you don’t have time. Not to be confused with needing to cry but you don’t have time.

See? You see that rambling style of borderline insane banter? That is what I am talking about here.

Were all the problems of the day solved? Yeh, right? Tomorrow AM will be the solution hangover scramble. But I have confidence. I have been here before. Hoping I have this all worked out by noon.

Perhaps lazy being the new productive was the foreshadowing of just such a day.

(oh, kill me now, read definition number 2 on urbandictionary for fit hits the shan)

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3 responses to “When Fit Hits the Shan and other Tales of Daily Living

  1. Yes, I have taken steroids for chronic sinus and airway difficulties. No fun. Hope you feel better and stay in your skin!

  2. oh my, Maureen, I guess I was not clear. I was not on a steroids, MY DAY WAS. Too funny. But thanks for the good wishes

  3. margi

    Haha. That is SO it. Just your morning? That’s my inherited hard-wired brain every day. Must thank the universe for all this ‘material’ to work with. yay.

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