Are New Yorkers Really Miserable?

The CDC told us today that New Yorkers are the unhappiest people in the country. Seems our neighbors are pretty miserable living next door because New Jersey and Connecticut are up there too. Hey Jersey, I get it (just kidding Jersey friends) but what the hell does Connecticut have to be so unhappy about being all Norman Rockwell up there?

These studies are so ridiculous to me. Tennessee and Louisiana are in the top five along with Colorado, Hawaii and Florida. Ok, so Colorado and Hawaii I get. But Louisiana? What? Katrina left in its wake a state full of the elated. Nope. Don’t think so. And Florida, well, let’s see, half the state is full of New Yorkers. Oh, I get it, all the happy ones moved down there.

There is all this data about good weather and happiness. Sure I get it. But NY has a lot more than weather to offer. Honestly, I will take a cultural center over the early bird special any day.

Happiness, in my opinion, is not something that geography can control. It comes from inside us all. Find what makes y0u happy and you can stay that way wherever you live.

And hey, I know plenty of miserable people in Florida!

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10 responses to “Are New Yorkers Really Miserable?

  1. Well, I’m from NJ and I love NY, and I’m pretty damned happy. So I’ll just take that with no grains of salt. Hey it’s snowing; cool!

  2. Dr Jimmy

    Some people find happiness in a basement…………

  3. Jennifer Krieger

    Connecticutters, Connecticutans, Nutmegs, whatever they are, are RIGHT to be unhappy, what with their diva senator and all.

  4. Zaide

    I’m temporarily in Florida and haven’t found a happy person yet. All are complaining how long you have to wait in doctor’s offices.

  5. Ellen

    The problem with CT is that every unhappy New Yorker has moved here! We used to be very happy!

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