Time to Cry Tuesday – Where the Wild Things Are


“Oh please don’t go – we’ll eat you up – we love you so!”

I can’t help it. That line kills me.

Every time.

To say that I have a soft spot for this book is an understatement. A few weeks ago I mentioned that my son hit send on his first college app as the movie commercial aired. Danny agreed to see it with me. Part humoring me, part his own nostalgia, I suppose.

Life takes mysteriously coincidental turns. As we were leaving to see the movie yesterday, I did a quick check on the college website to see his status. Miraculously, before my eyes, the pending status changed to…

Danny_accepted-collegeAll sorts of screaming, tears, and jumping up and down ensued (that was mostly me). And then we went off to see the film. (which by the way I LOVED, but by no means should you take little kids to see this).

Sitting there in the dark with my boy – watching this childhood fave come to life – was such a MOMENT. But when that last line was spoken, those words were almost too much to bear. In my head I thought, off you go, my son, on to your next adventure. But in my heart all I could hear was…

“Oh please don’t go – we’ll eat you up – we love you so.”

Congrats to my boy who worked so hard to get all that he deserves. And I want you to always remember that no matter where you go, when you come home to your ‘very own room’ you will always find ‘your supper waiting for you’

‘and it will still be hot.’

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10 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Where the Wild Things Are

  1. This is one of my favorite books, too, and I read it to my kids all the time. I nearly cried reading your post! And congratulations to your son on the acceptance. Yee-haw! Let the wild rumpus begin!

    PS – What do you think is an appropriate age for the movie?

  2. Liz

    This post just got me teary.

  3. laurie

    Tears and tissues here ❤

  4. Katie

    Congrats to Danny. Wow…another Levinson at Wisconsin Absolutely fantastic!

  5. Ivy Mindlin

    Danny, congratulations. I know it was your first choice. With both of you out there, I may have to check it out, but during football season.

  6. Lon

    Danny and Family Congrats. You make my heart sing. You make everything groovy.

  7. Congratulations Danny Boy!! Oh how we do love you so!!!!!!!!!!! and are so very proud of you.

  8. There is nothing like launching a child off into the world – huge step for Danny and a major adjustment for mom. Be proud and enjoy this. If you should ever feel a lonely pity party creeping up on you after he leaves, shoot me an email. When my son left home on his “launch” into the world it was into the Army and he was sent off to invade Iraq – talk about tears! That ordeal smacks of putting things in perspective. You’ll miss him, sure, but it’s college, not war. You’ll both do just fine – no worries! I share this as support – I hope that is how you receive it!

  9. The cinematography of this movie was impressive, no doubt, but it seemed to be missing something; maybe it was just too low energy from beginning to end (or at least after the first ten minutes)

    • Perhaps a bit slow. I guess I was so enthralled with how they translated the book. It was so visual I think that made up for the lack of action for me.

      That story sat in my mind for so many years. So rarely am I not disappointed in those cases. When I went back home and looked at the book I was amazed at how closely they created the characters.

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