Satellite radio and the simulated voice in my car


I recently got a new car with a fancy tech package. This crazy automaton woman is constantly announcing stuff all the time. Frankly, sometimes I could choke the bitch.

But lately she has been the subject of some entertainment.

When the audio system is on (I don’t know, we used to just call this the damn radio) she feels compelled to announce the name of each station as if the big bold letters on the dashboard screen are not enough. The car has XM Sirius or Sirius XM or whatever the name is these days. I was spinning around the dial showing Gary how she says all sorts of station names because some of them sound really funny in her mechanical voice. Like Soul Town, that one is hysterical, so I made her say it a few times in a row until he almost smacked me in the head for kicks. Then I tuned into Underground Garage, but on the screen it is abbreviated as Undergrnd Garage. She pronounced it without the ‘ou’ and I realized that she was doing a character recognition voice simulation kind of thing.

That is when we heard the funniest one of all: Jam_On. Or as she called it Jam Underscore On.

Wait, are we the only ones who find this sort of thing amusing?

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4 responses to “Satellite radio and the simulated voice in my car

  1. Liz

    Definitely underscore yes. (Just kidding!)

  2. No, you are not the only one to find it amusing (as I sit here laughing). 😉

  3. Lon

    She is the friend who tries to be helpful by talking a lot.
    Satellite radio rocks.

  4. Glad to see others are amused. And Lon, you are biased about satellite radio, but I am a fan myself.

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