Attractively Belligerent

Actual phone call with a friend on Friday Morning:

Me: Is it too early to drink?

Him: Hmmm, 9:30 am. Maybe a Sombrero, you know, something with Kalhua in it to have that coffee thing. On second thought I am sorry, I would say that you would have to acknowledge that you have a problem if you did.

Me: Yeh, I was afraid of that. And if YOU say it is too early to drink then I know it is.

Him: I suppose. So what is wrong that you need a drink at 9:30 in the morning?

Me: Nothing, just a trying work week.

Conversation continues and I suppose I had just a bit more of an edge than usual.

Him: You are a bit belligerent today.

Me: Oh no, really?

Him: Yes, but attractively billigerent.

And that, my friends, is true friendship! (thanks Dave)

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5 responses to “Attractively Belligerent

  1. J.

    Just remember, it is always five o’clock somewhere. (And yes, the occasional shot of vodka has been known to make it into my OJ on trying mornings. ; )

    Hope this week is better!

  2. ah, the screwdriver morning!

    thanks for the good wishes

  3. joyce

    yes, the morning screwdriver, which comes after the tequila sunrise, and before the blue moon… ahhhhhh, the beauty of alcohol……

  4. That was awesome! I remember back in college when we had “Kegs & Eggs”…

    I’m going to tell my mom about 50-something blogs…AND…keep an eye on it for future projects at work.

    If you haven’t connected with Jane at – you should! she’s @midlifebloggers on Twitter…I see a new trend coming on!

    Cheers *clink*

  5. I think the right time of drinking tea or coffee is early in the morning before sun rises.

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