College Mom Buys Crack in Madison Alley


Okay, this is the last of the college move-in trilogy of posts. Here is a little anecdote that will amuse you. It is vintage Amy.

I went down to the recycling room of Jana’s apartment building to dump boxes. As I heard the door click shut I realized that I needed a keycard to get out. Of course I did not have my cell phone.

This was a classic Amy situation. All I could think of was this was like an I Love Lucy episode. This was in the back of the building and all the banging in the world would never get me out of there.

Before I had a chance to panic I found an unlocked exterior door that led into an alley. This would have been fine if I did not come out just as friends were standing across the street calling Jana’s cell.

“Hey, what were you doing in that alley?”, they asked.

“Um, buying crack?”, I answered.

I think they thought that was funny.

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