Loss of Domesticity

moldy-bagelWhenever the kids leave for the summer I have a tendency to lose my housekeeping gene. And it gets worse every year. I have been running a home for over 2 decades, but for some reason, without the kids here the conversations go like this:

Gary: We are out of milk.

Me: Oh, yeh, I forgot to buy it.

Gary: Are we out of dishwashing liquid?

Me: Oh, yeh, I forgot to buy it.

Gary: Is there orange juice?

Me: Oh, yeh, I forgot to buy it.

Note to self: show Gary where the supermarket is.

Tonight I decided it was time to start paying attention to the house again and stop focusing on if it is healthy or not to drink during the week. (the answer to that is both yes and no). To embarrass myself into getting back into the domestic mode I will tell you what science projects I found in my fridge and bread box:

1 green fuzzy bagel, 1 green and white fuzzy loaf of unrecognizable bread, a liquid cucumber (Riki found that while making a salad, only a true friend would not judge, thanks Rik), cottage cheese dated July 12th (has that passed yet?), some sort of yogurt dip from the gourmet store where the lid of the plastic container was popping up (what is that about?!), a tupperware of chicken gumbo that I made 2 weeks ago (nasty), apples that I have a sneaking suspicion I bought at the end of June, freezer burned tortollini and many bags of french fries crusted with ice.

Ok, I am sufficiently embarrassed. And pretty sure none of you will accept a dinner invite any time soon. Seriously, I am a good cook and I promise to mend my ways and gain back the domestic skills that have kept this home a well oiled machine all these years.

At least between September and June.

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog. For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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5 responses to “Loss of Domesticity

  1. Are you sure you weren’t cleaning out MY fridge???

  2. Laurie

    I am sure most would say they are in a similar “vacation” mode…may not be the fridge here, but how about the floors? laundry? ironing? My list goes on…. the good news is we are relaxed and will be recharged and ready to go in the fall. Besides when someone asks how your summer was, wouldn’t you rather say “Saw a great DMB concert and lots of sun and fun” OR “My food supply was tip top and not a single outdated item to be had!

  3. Doctor Jimmy

    It’s not that you miss your kids after 7 weeks…it’s that your tired of being alone with your husband!

  4. Riki Potter

    What made you think I was not judging…..

  5. Barbara

    I’ll top that colorful bagel with the very over ripe pumpkin. The pumpkin you promised to turn into soup, remember? Instead it sat in the apartment until it couldn’t sit straight. And it cost me a very embarrassing evening. I learned my lesson and stopped taking house cleaning seriously. 🙂

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