Who needs a quarter when you have a little sister?

A few weeks ago Danny and I staged a funny shot with one of these machines. A friend sent me this video because it reminded him of that post. There is no sound but it is still hysterical. I particularly like how the parents are totally oblivious.

But this! This is proof that kids will get into everything. Literally. If it is small enough – and even if it is not–  they will invariably shove it up their noses. No matter the size of the space, they will collapse their little bodies like mice and slip into a place no one would ever imagine they could go.

I am reminded of a little girl who got her head stuck in the slats of the deck (sorry for the bad memory Jana) and one of my nephews who got a toy lunar LEM wound up in his hair so tight that they had to go to the ER to have his hair cut with a scalpel to free it. And of course my all time favorite story of a neighbor’s kid who got a red jaw breaker stuck up her nose. Tip: don’t use a tweezer, have a nose blowing contest holding the other nostril and that sucker will usually shoot out across the room.

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4 responses to “Who needs a quarter when you have a little sister?

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    NO doubt Harrison could do this. Don’t give him any ideas!!!!

  2. Doctor Jimmy

    LOVE THIS VIDEO………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hahahaha…that is so wrong but so hysterical.

  4. ellen

    Working at an ENT hospital was always good for a few of these unbelieveables… The residents used to keep a jar full of all the stuff they pulled out of nostrils and ears…

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