Out of the Mouths of Moms


We had an interesting dinner conversation tonight. We have a full house/table with Jana home from school. The dynamic shifts, as do the seats, to bring us back to the original four. We fall back into the way we were when she still lived here. There is truly nothing more comforting than a family that is whole again.

The conversation at our dinner table is always pretty lively. There are no rules. No taboo subjects, for me anyway. I believe in open discussion and the right to speak your mind as long as you are respectful to others. It was always this way, but somewhere along the line I guess I loosened up the reigns on cursing and *questionable family topics*. Especially for myself. Come to think of it I would say I am the one that says the most outrageous things at the table.

Not sure how it started, but for some reason I had a run of topics come out of my mouth that left my kids… well almost stunned.

Danny: Wow, think of a list of the most outrageous things to hear a mom say and you pretty much hit them all. 

Jana: With each topic I did not think it could get worse… and then it did.

Me: Really? Crap, are you guys going to need therapy from this?

Jana: Nah, it’s fine.

Danny: Don’t worry, the damage was done a long time ago. We’re good.

Gary: this is definitely going to be a blog post!

Perhaps I should consider some restraint in the future.

Probably unlikely.

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3 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Moms

  1. Liz

    Hold on sister! We only have gotten half the story here! What were the slew of topics that caused these remarks?

  2. jflorin

    So what was the topic?

  3. Harry Falber

    The real story here, is I am the person who set Amy off on the strange, and somewhat wacky path she has chosen to take with her utterances.

    She was a nice, quiet Jewish girl from LI until she started doing work with me at Nabisco (I got to her through her equally kind and gentle boyfriend, who needed to keep me a good client with lots of printing work, and it so happened he was partially attached to Amy at the time — I even got to go to their wedding and was the first to see that the caterer was running out of food 15 minutes into the serving line – but I digress.

    Any way we worked together for years, then stopped as I traipsed around the world after I closed my restaurants (another long story but Amy designed my restaurant logos and promo stuff and menus), but started again when I began to sell powdered soft drinks an oatmeal and was schlepping to a far-away place in Wisconsin . Needless to say, I found that all the high stress I put this sweet innocent girl through, turned her into a wacky shoot-from-the-lip-mom, as she had to live with my constant “I need it yesterday” mentality. I understood she was on the road to normalcy until she started working with me again this past December. I think I owe the family an apology (but why – I am unrepentant as I really love her the way she is!).

    But, I guess Amy may tell a different story.

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