You never know what will come in the mail


The other day I received a mysterious envelope in the mail that had an odd lump in the middle. I opened it and out dropped the button above wrapped in a flyer. Yes, that is my High School yearbook picture on that button. No joke!

Personally, I find this a little creepy. The idea that a classmate of 30+ years ago is scanning the yearbook and industriously making these odd buttons in his free time is just a bit staggering. The flyer had a line I love, “The 30th reunion was not well attended because hundreds of classmates were not able to be notified of the date”.

Um, no pal, the reunion was not well attended because lots of people are fat and bald 30 years later or perhaps they simply don’t want to see the kids from ‘the old neighborhood’. Believe me, I attended the reunion with my 3 best friends and we had lots of laughs. But seriously, the crowd was a little scary.

You know, there is a reason we lose touch with many people from high school.

Me, I have certainly lost a huge chunk of brain cells somewhere along the line. People would come up to me and put their hand over their nametag and say, ‘I bet you don’t remember me’. Hey good bet, I have no friggin idea who the hell you are sistah! Seriously folks, when you go to a reunion, don’t play that game. As much as we all want to believe we look the same as we did as teenagers, or worse that we were truly memorable to everyone that sat next to us in math class, we just aren’t.

So, would you join the yahoo group listed on this button?

Me, think I am going to pass. Facebook is enough of a walk down memory lane for this old chick.


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6 responses to “You never know what will come in the mail

  1. Liz

    Too funny. Once is enough – and I don’t remember 99% of people from HS. Even the ones who contact me on FB and tell me that it was “the best years of their lives.” If that’s the case, I feel sorry for them. And your yearbook photo is lovely Miss Amy!

  2. Neal Shrier

    Wow, what intense eyes you have! I guess they really pushed your button.

  3. Too too funny.

    Facebook is definitely all I need of the HS memory banks. I live less than an hour from my old high school so surely if I’d wanted to stay in touch with old classmates for the past 20+ years I would have!

  4. Loved this post! I so agree. My 30th is next year and if anyone plays that game with me I’m gonna punch ’em in their swollen gut.

  5. Someone would totally be going down for that little way do I want to see myself way back then anywhere near a button on someone’s shirt…omg, I’d have died right there on the spot.

  6. J.

    Does your high school know about this? Definitely a bit creepy.

    I prefer seeing my high school classmates on Facebook, where everyone looks young and glamorous and thin. ; )

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