Manicures & Martinis


If you glance at the calendar you will see that tonight is the first Thursday of the month and that means only one thing… First Thursday’s dinner. Tonight there was some show and tell. This is the only item clean enough to share but it is a good one.

Fertility is hot lately, what with a crazed mommy machine squeaking out 8 babies last week. Let me disclaimer this post so as not to offend. I think this concept is fabulous, one of my best friends had kids through fertility treatments (no really, that one is true) and I have worked professionally on fertility patient information materials. Yes I get it is a serious topic. No I don’t think it is in poor taste to laugh about… well anything. That is the whole point.

Now that we got all that out of the way…

I would like to start by stating that I would attend just about any event that promised free manicures and martinis. Honestly, you could sell me on the virtues of embalming fluid at an event like this. Brilliant!

It would seem that this group, The American Fertility Association, is running a few seminars to ‘chat with a leading fertility expert in a safe and comfortable setting’. Oh right, because a fertility clinic or a doctor’s office are extremely dangerous venues. You never know who will be hanging around places like that!

The graphic here is fabulous, but the copy? Not so much. We did not quite get the part about being in your 20s or 30s and simply not being ready to have a baby right now. So the reason those women would come to this event would be? Oh right!

Free manicures and martinis.

Our favorite part of this ad? (and I am quite proud, for I was the only one at the table who could still read the small type). They will also be offering alcohol-free Fertilitinis. What a great name for a drink. Could you imagine serving those at a club?

I guess you would drink them under the biological clock that is ticking above the bar.

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6 responses to “Manicures & Martinis

  1. Liz

    Alcohol-free and makes you more fertile? Sounds like a slippery slope to me. Give me alcohol and a condom!

  2. loved the flyer. thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. That’s funny. They should give away free thrust counters at an event like that! 🙂

  4. Well ladies, I guess I am guilty as charged! The M&M series concept is mine, so feel free to fire away. The reason The American Fertility Association is doing it? To make less patients, not more. We want to reduce the number of women who are wearing earplugs and can’t hear their bio clocks CLANGING away. The impetus? Me at 25. Wish this series had been around then, I think if I had attended a session like this I would have avoided the whole IVF mess. btw I’m 53 now, with IVF twins. The invitation? Join us anywhere around the country this year and see how powerful this program is. Oh yes, and how much fun it is as well. I hope to meet you all.

  5. Corey Whelan, we love you! Kudos for your social media monitoring. Seriously, I am really nobody. Guess it was the link to the AFA that alerted you.

    Nonetheless, I will put on my pharma marketing hat and praise the AFA for such innovative programming. I surely got the attention of a table full of aging divas. And I love that she invited us even if we are way past childbearing.

    Suddenly craving a maritini and a manicure.

  6. Amy et al, thank you so much. I am really glad t have such new cool girlfriends! It goes without saying, anyone past the childbearing years gets an extra martini on me!

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