What’s the poop with this paper?



Photo via treehugger via Future Feeder

Here is a shout out to my Twitter friend @flipgonzo, who never is at a shortage for interesting conversation and links of equal intrigue. He sent out a weekend tweet on this one and it was something I could not help but share. Thanks for the material, my friend!

This is too good to be true. A Sri Lankan company called none other than Mr. Ellie Pooh brings us elephant poop paper. No sh*t, this paper is really made from this crap. Ok, that was weak, sorry. You can read all the real stuff about this product at treehugger.com but the following is the Amy version which is infinitely more entertaining.

You will all love the reason for the creation of this paper; to save the elephants. They were becoming a nuisance by trampling crops and were being killed by the Sri Lankans. By creating paper from their droppings Mr. Ellie Pooh (do you think this is his real name?) hopes to create a new market for this country and make the elephants a a valuable natural resource. Unless, of course, they should become constipated at some point. Then there will be a need for prune farmers. It’s all good.

The paper is made from 75% elephant crapola and the other 25% is all post-consumer waste. My green mama friend Jessica Gottleib should surely love this stuff. What do you think Jessica?

Poopy papers can be purchased through Pixxlz.com, a Massachussetts based print products company.

Here is my one big concern; is this paper, or is it not, scratch and sniff?


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6 responses to “What’s the poop with this paper?

  1. Steve

    YIKES! Scratch n sniff? Thanks for the props but credit is due elsewhere. I simply re-tweeted.
    Anyways, as a clown this is great news for the circus to become a bit more green. And certainly adds value to the person trailing the elephants in the parade.
    I have a friend who informed me she has used this paper and found it of high quality. Maybe those of us interesting in saving an elephant and the planet can give this paper as a gift during this year.

  2. What a gross picture! Too funny

  3. We use Ellie Pooh paper for our customers. If someone 10 years ago ever told me that I would be knee deep in elephant dung, I would have told them that they were crazy. Well, here I am. Another plus is having some fun with my 6 year daughter explaining to her where this Ellie paper comes from. Too funny……

  4. Are you kidding?

    I love it! Wait until you see what cow poop can do.

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