This Week’s Favorite Products

One of the advantages of spending hundreds of hours in front of a computer screen is the access to all sorts of ridiculous items. It is hard not to be entertained even during some of my more stressful days. (today was surely one of them).

Everyone seems to have a review site these days, so consider this my first review post. Again, maybe I will get some free loot from this!

Here are my favorite products from this week:


I mentioned this one at the beginning of my post yesterday but I felt it needed more commentary. It was originally brought to my attention on Twitter by my fellow SV mom blogger and tech guru, mom extraordinairre, the fabulous Beth of techmamas. She found this article on Techcrunch.

Burger King has either lost their minds or struck genius with their beef scented cologne called Flame. My personal opinion is the latter. This is brilliant and fun. They have the most hysterical site with Barry White style music, candles on a bathtub and all. “The Whopper® Sandwich is America’s Favorite Burger. Flame™ by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame broiled meat.” OMG, that last line kills me.

It is sold exclusively at Ricky’s for $3.99 – nice price point. And it is sold out or many of you would be receiving this from me as a gift. (especially my brother and brother-in law, the vegetarians)


Seems meat is on the brain this week. This one comes from my BBFF Liz over at Flashfree. She tweeted about these Maple-Bacon Lollipops this morning. I am so sorry but the thought of these made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. The men in my house eat Slim Jims, that is bad enough, but a bacon sucker. Jana would run from the house screaming from this one for sure.


This last one comes from my friend Joyce. She swears she was not searching for anything in particular when she stumbled upon the Condometric. Yes, folks, this is a condom with ruler markings. How about this for a selling point ” Condometric is the first prophylactic that measures and shows off the penis’ length. It helps flaunt what we’ve got.” Oh and they come in 4 great flavors: Natural Power, Cherry Rider, Katana Lima and Papito Banana.

I suppose the best way to tie this post together would be to say…

Hey, it ain’t the meat it’s the motion

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3 responses to “This Week’s Favorite Products

  1. You missed one…

    scotch flavoured condoms if you suck enough, you might not care about the measure!

  2. OMG!! That banana? Ha ha ha ha!!
    Thanks for the morning laugh!

  3. Dr Jimmy

    Now I know what to get your husband Gary for Xmas

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