Play it again, Samster

More hamsters; I could not resist. Once again, something utterly ridiculous made me laugh so hard that I keep watching it over and over, driving my family crazy. (it is not easy to live with me. what, that does not surprise you?)

This particular tidbit of absurdity was sent to me by my dear friend Ellen H. (sorry other Ellen’s you are my dear friends too, don’t worry). For those who are email subscribers, click to the blog to see this video. And those who only read this on their blackberries (Susan, you know who you are) this is worth clicking a hamster mouse to see.

What is it about hamsters this week? It makes me nostalgic for our dear departed hamster, Angelina (of ballerina fame). Two good hamster anecdotes from our household.

1. Angelina was our first mammal pet. (not that we did not love the goldfish that lived for 4 years). My kids were probably 5 and 8 when we got her. We brought her home and they set up there little chairs in front of her cage to watch her run around on that inane wheel in her cage for hours on end. We also bought this ridiculous plastic ball that she would roll around the basement in. They LOVED her.

For about 2 hours. That very same day our close friends went out on a whim and got…

a damn puppy. 

Jana: Mom, when Angelina dies can we get a puppy?

2. Angelina did eventually die. I am pretty sure the kids did not poison her as we had already broken down and gotten a puppy. We decided to have a funeral for her and invited the neighborhood kids. Gary, decided to make this more of  New Orleans style funeral and had all the kids doing the hamster dance on her grave (not the toddler dance).

To this day the kid across the street still asks if we can have  another hamster funeral.

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3 responses to “Play it again, Samster

  1. Jana Levinson

    You forgot to mention how after she died we kept her in a shoebox in the outside refrigerator for over a month before we got a chance to burry her.

  2. OMG, yes we did freeze the poor little rodent. If I recall the ground was too frozen to bury her so we kept her in the garage freezer. Don’t worry, the box was clearly marked either ‘Angelina’ or ‘dead hamster’ so no one would mistake the shoe box for homemade cookies or something.

    Ok, so that was a bit odd. What did you want us to do with her? Flush?

  3. ugh, in the refrigerator?


    I’m completely unprepared for parenthood

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