Odd Foodstuffs


I am sure there is someone out there whose heart is warmed with the memory of eating this at grandma’s house, but me? Well I just love the little guy and the name of the stuff. No I did not taste it, I was not feeling all that adventurous.

Gary and I eat breakfast on Saturday mornings at a favorite little place called  Ayan’s Mediterranean Marketplace. Ayan is a really cool guy who does a ton of give back to this town so I am giving him a little link love here. The place is adorable with a view of the water and it makes us feel like we are away even when we are home. 

And while I am at it, since it is the weekend and I am feeling all sorts of charitable, here is a link to the makers of this lovely little delicacy, Koska. What, you don’t read Turkish? Ok, then press the English button at the bottom of their site. Yum, gotta get me some Kagit Helva!

I know, this is a really odd post. What else do you expect when you come here, current events?

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2 responses to “Odd Foodstuffs

  1. Yup. Very odd! If I see it in the store, I might just pick one up & give it a try. Happy Saturday!

  2. Is it snowing on this page?!

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