So You Want to be in the Secret Service?


Driving in my car today I heard a radio spot for…

The Secret Service. All I could think was, do they mean THE Secret Service? Like the White House guys? How could this be? Do they really recruit on the radio? This does not seem all that selective to me.

The spot went something like this:

“Do you want an exciting career that pays well? Have you ever considered a career in the Secret Service?”

Correct me if I am out of line here, but I seem to recall that the line after ‘Do you want an exciting career that pays well?’ is usually ‘Have you ever considered a career in air conditioning and refrigeration?’ Not that I am dissing the AC and fridge crowd here, it is an honorable living, but I think it is more likely that the everyman/woman would probably be more fit to perform that job than say…

guard the friggin’ president!

Of course I had to check out their website. The first position available:

Special Agent (what young boy does not dream of this one. I keep humming Secret Agent Man in my head now).

Damn, I wish I wrote the phone number from the commercial down!

Note to self: drop Obama a note about this.

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2 responses to “So You Want to be in the Secret Service?

  1. I’m thinking 8 years of having to risk your life for people like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney has seriously depleted the Secret Service’s pool of applicants.

    Let’s just hope that as the troops start coming home from Iraq for good, some of them are willing to continue serving their country in this way, huh?

  2. LOL I heard a similar commercial on air here in Washington DC and thought the same thing. Doesn’t sound like a very secure way to recruit people into the Secret Service to me at all.

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