Lace Love

Ok, everyone. Since Jana claimed to be more interesting than Danny in the comments section of my last post, she is proving it by taking part in our first poll experiment. After waiting many, many weeks Jana’s custom Nikes have arrived. They are cool, aren’t they? And tiny I might add… size 6.

She looks a bit like the Mona Lisa in this shot, doesn’t she? Well, she would if that uptight bee-otch – Mona not Jana – would have really cracked a good smile and showed off those beautiful teeth that her parents spent all that money on braces for.

Wait, did I just call the Mona Lisa an uptight bee-otch and did I claim she wore braces? I am really losing it.

This is a screen shot from a video chat session. She wanted us to help her decide. Note how happy Danny looks in the bottom screen. Frankly I think he is pissed about being labeled less interesting.

I just love this, don’t you? My kid is halfway across the country and we can do this kind of thing. Very cool indeed.

I expect lots of voting here everyone. That means all of you who don’t like to comment. I see the stats people, I know you are visiting!

And all of you who receive this by email, you lazy slugs are going to have to go directly to the blog to vote. Janny-girl, you better have all your friends vote so we don’t look foolish here, ok?

Come on everyone! Stop being so non-participatory for G-d’s sake. This is an interactive medium.

So interact. (jeez she is bossy!)

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11 responses to “Lace Love

  1. Dr Jimmy

    It flows—–yellow is too busy

  2. ellen

    Yellow is a little too macaroni and cheesish…I wonder what Stacy and Clinton would say???

  3. Keith

    Yellow. No contest.

  4. Not voting, just saying “hey” in the southern way. Love seeing your kids grownup punims. Congrats on your 100th post too.

  5. Linda

    Pink. No choice. What is next months color. We must show support. Even if it is just in laces…

  6. Zaide

    Gram & I both favor yellow, but since we are voting for our granddaughter’s choice, she should have both.

  7. Gram

    Since it’s Jana Banana definitely yellow

  8. Kate

    Thought it was necessary to make my preference known—PINK all the way jana-lisa. I miss the Levinson’s so much, especially Danny, though there’s no doubt he is the less interesting of the two siblings…even Mel.

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