So you wanna be a rock ‘n roll star…

My husband came home from work yesterday with an envelope that his father gave him. Inside were original copies of his birth announcement, his bar mitzvah invitation and this business card from his teenage band. (guess which one was most precious to him).

For those who are not locals and don’t get the pun, Long Island is bordered on the north by a body of water called, you guessed it, the Long Island Sound. (how clever). Why would a teenage band have biz cards, you ask. Well, if your father was a printer, you had biz cards. And that made you very cool!

Note the exchange in the phone numbers with the letters in them. If the font and colors did not date this sucker, that surely does!

Gary was the drummer (everyone always loves the drummer). He can’t seem to remember exactly who Eddie, Jay and Paul were, so if any of you happen to know these guys, give us a shout.

This got me to thinking that my saving of ‘stuff’ – a trait I inherited from my mom – is a good thing. There is nothing more enchanting than when a joyful piece of your past is dropped in your lap. A little part of your childhood that was long buried is brought back, bringing with it a flood of precious memories.

Ok, so I am a bit nostalgic today. That is not a bad thing.


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6 responses to “So you wanna be a rock ‘n roll star…

  1. Cathy

    When I opened the blog the telephone exchanges were the first thing I noticed. I am old enough to remember exchanges but I also recognized them as Oceanside numbers. What a throwback!!! Gary was way cool a) having a band and b)a biz card. If the band had a gig I was probably one of the girls screaming in the aisles.
    Thanks for the trip back home.

  2. oh cath, thinking of you as a groupie is too funny. yes, those exchange numbers threw me back to. I believe the RO stood for Rockville Center and they switched to OR when they ran out of numbers. kind of like the 917 or 646 of the day.

  3. Paula

    The exchanges caught my eye too. I remember in Milford, CT where I grew up, the exchange was TR. What a throwback.

    Funny-my husband Paul was/is also a drummer. Hence the full set in permanent residence in our family room and 2 more sets in the basement.

    What do you call a drummer with no girlfriend?

  4. We had ROgers 4 – as our exchange when I was little…. in Baltimore. I love this post. I save things too – so awesome that your F-I-L saved those things! I was given a pile of fun stuff from my in-laws too. I loved looking through them all! No band biz cards. My hub was in a marching band…they don’t really have the same cache 🙂

  5. Very cool! I love finding memories. I still have the ticket stub from my first Who concert, some passes to Rolling Stones backstage, and my kindergarten report card. I’m sure there are more gems lurking in boxes.

  6. RGP

    What a great find! I’m a big saver of things too (as much as I’d like to fight the habit) and love moments like this when you dig deep and find something you’d completely forgotten.

    Nevermind that business card is rockin!

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