Blogging before brushing my teeth

is this a sign of poor oral hygiene?

i think not.

i have had the nasty habit of checking emails before getting out of bed for years. there is something about that laptop sitting on the night table that is so alluring. the thought process is ‘let me know right off the bat what my day is going to be like’. sometimes it is because i am in the middle of a project with the west coast or recently with europe. then i sit there like a kindergartener counting on my fingers trying to calculate what the friggin time conversion is. (never great at math).

but mostly, i am just a junkie. for information. for connectivity. for… who the hell knows. leave me alone, this is a pretty harmless and clean habit!

now the blogging so early. that is just plain fun. usually it is news related (yes the TV is on also!) but mainly i like to lie in bed and this makes me feel productive while i am there. 


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Filed under humor, work habits

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