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Problem: Husband pining for a flat screen for the bedroom.

Solution: Best Buy cards for his birthday present.

Problem: They don’t have the one he wants.

Solution: Buy it at PC Richards. (retaining the Best Buy cards for more toys – good present becomes excellent present).

Problem: He (of course by nature of having a penis) wants a bigger one than can fit in the allotted space.

Solution: Move the armoire over 6 inches.

Seriously?! You want to move that thing. That thing with all that crap in it that will have to be folded and sorted through since we have to empty it to move it?

OK, nothing better to do on a rainy day.

Problem: Two old farts who don’t want to throw out their backs.

Solution: 3 17-year-old Baco boys in the house.

Thanks boys!

Have a problem… bring it on!

Of course we now need an installer to hang the tv, a carpet cleaner to get the marks from the armoire out of the rug, the room could use a painting and come to think of it we could use new window treaments. Or I could just go out for martinis and dim the lights.

Hey, if you give a house a cookie...

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