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That must have been SOME slice!

Dr. Jimmy definitely wins the crazy link of the week award! Today we have another ridiculous news story from my fave midwestern town, Madison, WI.

A woman and her son went out for pizza, leaving their 70-year-old relative on the floor after a bad fall. The woman died two days later. Hey, who could blame them, the cheese in Wisconsin is to die for. (sorry, that was low, even for me).

And these two crazy nuts decided to stash her body in the garage. Yikes. The son told investigators that when his aunt was talking he ‘told her quite frankly to shut up.’ Charming guy.

The son’s name was… get this one… Steven King. (different spelling but nonetheless sort of ironic)

Horror story indeed!


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And the Lorena Bobbit Award Goes to…

Catherine Kieu Becker, the woman who drugged her husband, tied him to the bed, cut off his penis, dumped it in the garbage disposal and turned it on.

The dumping was unusually harsh; I mean didn’t Bobbit through it out the window? At least there was some hope for being ‘reunitied’.

When asked why she said, “He deserved it.”


When my kids were little and some ‘crime’ had been committed I used to ask them what happened right before they were served with some injustice.

I certainly would like to know what the hell this guy did right before his wife decided to grab an knife and cut of his package.

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