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Time to Cry Tuesday – Letting Go, Global Version


As a parent, every few years you are faced with another rite of passage, another adventure your child is about to embark on, another chance for you to show your chops as a parent. Although your heart is hanging on to the hem of their pants as they walk through that door, your head is ready to let them fly…


The last time I wrote one of these my boy was off to college. Seems like yesterday, yet here we, are 3 and half years later and he is off for a semester abroad in Seville, Spain. I thought now would be a good time to give him one of my famous lists of advice. I do this every so often to remind him, or more likely myself, that I am not quite through imparting wisdom just yet. If I write it here instead of tell him all this to his face, I spare myself the humiliation of the sighing and eye-rolling. So here goes, in no particular order.

  1. Don’t be THAT American. This is similar to what I told my kids when they were first starting to experiment with drinking. Don’t be THAT girl/guy, the one that gets wasted and pukes on themselves. Don’t be THAT American simply means respect the local culture.
  2. Try to really SEE Europe, don’t just drink Europe. This is obvious to me and quite ridiculous to him. Hopefully somewhere in between will be his reality.
  3. Keep your eyes open and soak in everything. You never know what might wind up being the answer to what you want to do with your life.
  4. Be Smart. If it feels wrong, it probably is. If it seems unsafe, it probably is.
  5. Eat Everything, within reason. No explanation needed.
  6. Don’t be a dick (not that you ever would be). Again, the international version. This is like number 1 on steroids. Check the ego at the door and you might as well leave the egocentric there to keep it company.
  7. If you have to play beer pong, make sure you win the 100 Euro. Self-explanatory.
  8. Amsterdam – you MUST see the Anne Frank House. As Jana said, as a Jew it is your responsibility. Period.
  9. The rest of your time in Amsterdam. I do not need details, thanks.
  10. Have the time of your life. This one should be easy.

In all seriousness, you are an amazing young man and have always made us proud. We have no real worries about this trip. We are just a more than a little jealous.


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You know your kids are older when…

My kids are home! For the first weekend in 6 months we have a full house. There is a lot of laundry, boxes everywhere, the dishwasher is always full and the fridge gets empty rather quickly.

It is a little disorienting but I love it.

Now that they are adults(ish) the dinner conversation has changed quite a bit. It really goes over the top when we have a full house with our dear family friends. The conversation is always lively and never fit for a family restaurant.

That has never stopped us.

Just a sampling of topics:

1. Fake boobs. Best comment on this topic: ‘Did you get caught looking at the mom’s fake boobs? Oh she is  the stepmom, that’s a different story’

2. Fake boobs and sisters. Consensus is this is not ok.

3. Nose jobs. How it is uncool to have one and then act like you didn’t.

4. Penis enlargements. Under no circumstances should moms every bring these up in front of their sons. Or call them an adictomy. Both happened (for the record it wasn’t me).

Believe it or not, that was just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure the rest of the patrons were quite happy when we left.



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