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New York vs. The World

I took this picture the other night when out with the girls. I kept stopping to take pictures and they kept going. I actually lost sight of them right before this and had to call to find them.

Yeh, I am a ton of fun to go out with.

This window was on a storefront somewhere east of Lafayette and south of Houston (can’t remember what block). I don’t think this was the name of the store, but rather a statement in the window. Anyone living down there, please let me know what this was because when I googled I came up empty.

Anyway, the sentiment struck me.

New York vs. The World.

How much more New Yorker can that be. We do have that center of the universe attitude that I would imagine is annoying to those who don’t live in the center of the universe. I would also imagine that a t-shirt with this emblazoned across the chest probably would not be the best wardrobe item anywhere but here.

Nonetheless, I love it. As I love NY.

Cliche? tough.

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