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Time to Cry Tuesday – The Bear


Sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the bear eats you.

A friend told me that once. And today in the middle of today I was pretty sure I was becoming Yogi’s lunch.

I sent that line out on twitter in a moment of exasperation and this came back from a cool guy, @jaybaer:

“Nice. I have a similar sign in my office…Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue.”

There is something rather comforting in knowing that we all have those kind of days. We work hard, plug away and try our best and sometimes that is not good enough. Or it is, but it is perceived as not good enough. Seriously, does it really matter? 

The good news is by the end of the day I was doing the eating. Or being the pigeon. Or whatever the hell it was that made me come out whole before the sun went down.

The most important lesson of the day was that I did not run from the bear. Or the pigeon. And more importantly I did not panic or lose it. Because as we all know, panic never helped any situation. 

Anyone out there visualizing a bloody Amy with pigeon crap all over her? Please! Don’t be so damn literal.

Now get out there and do your best. Even if someone else might not think it is good enough.

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