Time to Cry Tuesday – Worry

Worry. We all do it. Some more than others, but worry comes into play as part of being an adult. Sure, kids worry, but for the most part they leave the heavy lifting to us until they come of age.

We worry about our kids, our parents, our careers, money, weather… you name it. See a pattern? Most of what we worry about is out of our control. Sure, we can help mold and massage parts of life, but for the most part it is how we live with what happens that makes us who we are. And certainly makes the ride a lot less stressful.

Years ago, Gary was very ill in the hospital. I had 2 small kids, a puppy (the last one) and I was working like a maniac. I commuted with a friend. We were on the train one morning and I must have gone into a frenzy of ‘what ifs’ that made her head spin. She stopped me in my tracks with one simple phrase, “Don’t pre-worry.”

Amazing, right? Many times what goes wrong is not what we worry about anyway. And everything runs its course. If you worry about every scenario that does not happen, you have wasted all the energy you need to deal with what actually does. This crazy notion of being happy all the time is ridiculous and surely never sustainable. As I always tell my kids, “Sometimes you just have to feel like shit, it gives happiness context.” (yes I have a foul mouth with my kids, relax, they are older now). I try to subscribe to the ‘ride it out’ philosophy. Sort of let the bad stuff happen and pass through you, don’t let it get stuck inside you.

Let it go or be dragged. (not mine, I found that one on Pinterest)

Sometimes I am successful at this. Other times I fall off the worry wagon and have to work on getting it all back in check.

I love the little worry dolls in this picture. A local Mexican restaurant gives them to you with the bill. (At the cost of their guacamole it is no wonder, they figure you will worry about how to pay!) I collect these in my wallet and every once in awhile I look at them to remind myself that worrying is sort of useless, and will surely sabotage any hope of living a fulfilling day to day life.

Oh and a pomegranate margarita every once in awhile can’t hurt.


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5 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Worry

  1. J.

    I worry about you. Does that count?
    (I actually suffer from severe anxiety, but I’m not a worrier. Not sure how that works, but I wish someone made anti-anxiety dolls. And no, dildos don’t count.)

    • How sweet, don’t worry. I am fine (define fine ; )

      Worry and anxiety are two different things. And they do make anti-anxiety ‘dolls’ as in ‘valley of the’… xanax anyone? Seriously, it is not drug when you have a scrip, that makes it a med.

  2. I love worry dolls I still have an original pack of em from when I was a kid!! I am amazed they give em out at the restaurant with your bill, I buy em for like 10 bucks a pack!!

  3. Great post. You worry less when you get older. Mainly because you can’t remember what it was you were supposed to worry about.

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